“UN Must Answer”

26th April 1964 – Turkish Cypriot women and children gathered in Lefkoşa’s Atatürk Square to demonstrate against the UN. Thousands of Turkish Cypriots marched and called for UN forces to actually step in and stop the persecution of the Turkish Cypriot people 

In December 1963, during the events of Bloody Christmas, 409 Turkish Cypriots were slaughtered by EOKA and Greek Cypriot fascists. 25,000 Turkish Cypriots were made refugees and forced into poverty-stricken enclaves across the island. Many Turkish Cypriot children were murdered. The most notable were the Ilhan children, killed in the infamous bathtub murders. Murat was 6 years old, Kutsi was 4 years old, and Hakan was 6 months old.

What have the UN done for the Turkish Cypriot people? In 1963 they watched our community be killed in the streets and forced from their homes. They watched the Greek Cypriot administration destroy the 1960 constitution and then accepted their illegal takeover a few months later with UN resolution 186. Where is the justice? @unitednations@un.cyprus@unitednationshumanrights@ungeneva

The UN were there to discover the mass graves of Ayios Vasillios in 1963, Taskent 1974, Murataga 1974 and Sandallar 1974. They carried out the Ortega Report and noted down the evacuation and destruction of 109 Turkish Cypriot villages in 1963 alone. But what did the UN do? Nothing. And still they do nothing. They maintain their outdated and contradictory resolutions as well as endorsing Turkish Cypriot embargoes that infringe on countless human right issues. They are just as guilty of maintaining the status quo in Cyprus as the Greek Cypriot administration…