Two State Solution Campaign

In 1963 Turkish Cypriots were being slaughtered on the streets, forced out of their homes and sent into enclaves across the island. Forced out of government with their equal rights stripped away from them. Turkish Cypriots were made second class citizens within their homeland, isolated from the rest of the world. 58 years later we are still suffering from that same isolation 

Embargoes and heavy restrictions cause the Turkish Cypriot people to suffer more and more each year. All the Cyprus negotiations have done is elongated this suffering. The collapse of federal and unified solutions have done nothing but maintain the status quo on the island

1968 marks the start of the Cyprus unification talks with Denktas and Clerides. 53 years later the Turkish Cypriots still remained isolated from the rest of the world

How many more years must we continue negotiating unification deals? How long must the Turkish Cypriots continue to suffer at the hands of Greek Cypriot intransigence?

Talks on a federal Cyprus date back to 1977 with the Denktas and Makarios agreements. 44 years later there has still been no federal solution to the Cyprus problem. All BBF models have failed.

The most prominent federal failures have been the Annan Plan & the Crans Montana talks. For decades the Turkish Cypriot administration and people have been eager to sign a federal deal. Offering to remove guarantors, troops and even give back old land. Each time they were let down.

15 out of the 17 official Cyprus solutions, either federal or unification, have been rejected by the Greek Cypriots government or Greek Cypriot people.

The Greek Cypriot leadership do not want a solution. They want the status quo. They want to maintain Turkish Cypriot isolation, embargoes and oppression. Discussing anything other than a two-state-solution will continue to worsen the lives of Turkish Cypriots. 58 years we have suffered like this.