Young Turkish Cypriots

The Young Turkish Cypriots (Y.T.C) are a group that aim to educate people on the history of Cyprus. Using reliable primary and secondary sources, we hope to teach our readers all aspects of Cypriot history. From the first migration of Cypriots from the Levant and Anatolia, to the 307 years of Ottoman rule in Cyprus; from the inter-communal violence of the 1950s and 60s to the Turkish intervention of 1974, we hope our audience can learn something from our content. Our group also focuses on current Cyprus issues and the political landscape of the island in the modern-day, ensuring our readers are constantly up-to-date with current affairs. We also produce material on the Cyprus negotiations and why they have continued to fail over the last 57 years. What is the future of Cyprus? Two-states, or federation? 

Our group is made up of young Turkish Cypriots located across the world with the goal of making other young Turkish Cypriots more connected to their cultural home, their identity and their heritage. The Turkish Cypriot people are not only based in North Cyprus, but the UK, Turkey, Australia and America too! We want to reach all groups of the Turkish Cypriot diaspora, as well as those outside our community willing to learn more about Cyprus and its rich history. 

We hope our posts and uploads will not only keep people informed and educated, but also bring us closer together as a community. Together we are stronger, and together we can make a difference for the Turkish Cypriot community who have long been seen as the “invisible people” of the Mediterranean.