The Greek Cypriot Contradiction

The Greek Cypriot Contradiction: pushing the narrative that North Cyprus is a Turkish occupied state BUT then continuing to embargo and oppress the Turkish Cypriot people 

The Greek Cypriot administration have treated Northern Cyprus as a large Turkish Cypriot enclave. An enclave that they oppressed and isolated like they did from 1963 onwards 

We must tear down this false narrative of “illegal occupation”. We are our own independent state that deserves recognition. However, we must accept that without Turkey, the Turkish Cypriot people would simply be unable to survive. The Greek Cypriot leadership continues to push us closer and closer to our motherland each time they impose another embargo or reject another solution. 

We urge a minority of Turkish Cypriots to see why we have become so reliant on Turkey and why Turkey’s influence continues to grow. You need to look past your anti-Turkish sentiment and realise who put us in this position in the first place and who continues to keep us there 58 years later.