Turkish Cypriot Embargoes – Direct Flights

Part 1: Turkish Cypriot Embargoes – Direct Flights

This is a familiar story for many Turkish Cypriots that live outside of Northern Cyprus. The time and money spent to travel to your homeland should never be this much.

The elderly and disabled are the ones who have suffered the most due to these embargoes. Broken British and EU promises have haunted Ercan Airport as our isolation continues to grow.

One thing you’ll notice when reading our new Embargo series is how relentless the Greek Cypriot government and Greek Cypriot lobbying groups are at maintaining Turkish Cypriot isolation. For 57 years the Turkish Cypriots have been repeatedly punished…and for what? Because of their race? Their religion? Their culture? These inhumane embargoes must end.

Credit: Tvine & Embargoed!