Mustafa Akıncı – “Lets get along in two different states”

Mustafa Akinci, former President of the TRNC, is a vocal advocate for BBF and federalism in Cyprus. He has been extremely critical of Turkey and is probably the most liberal leader North Cyprus has seen. 

However, after the collapse of the Crans Montana talks in 2017, even he accepted defeat and called for a two-state solution to the Cyprus problem. After 53 years of failed negotiations could you blame him? He met with Anastasiades 154 times and achieved nothing. He experienced firsthand how strong Greek Cypriot intransigence is and how unwilling they are to change the status quo. 

Unfortunately, Akinci went against his words in 2017 and campaigned against Ersin Tatar, continuing to wave the federalist flag. It is a scary to think how much Akinci would have sacrificed in order to achieve a BBF solution. At Crans Montana, Turkey agreed to remove their guarantor-ship and a steady withdrawal of troops. Yet Anastasiades still walked away. How much would the Turkish Cypriot people lost if Akinci was re-elected…?

A point we wanted to add – Akinci knew more than anyone else that coming to a federal agreement with the Greek Cypriot administration was an impossible task. 15 out of the 17 official Cyprus solutions have been rejected by the Greek Cypriot administration or Greek Cypriot people. However, Akinci continued to campaign for federalism.

He continued to campaign against Ersin Tatar. He split the vote of the Turkish Cypriot people and convinced them that a BBF solution was still possible. Even after coming out and saying he backed a two state solution. Federalism is dead. It is no longer a feasible solution. Especially with the DISY party in power who have just received Greece’s full support in the upcoming elections.

Why did Akinci continue to campaign for federalism when it is simply a pipe dream? For personal gain? For power? All he has done is filled the younger generation of Turkish Cypriots with false hope and false promises. It is time the people of the TRNC, and Turkish Cypriot diaspora get behind Ersin Tatar and his two state solution. We need to have the same unity as we did in 1963, as in 1974.

Together we are stronger and together we can achieve recognition. This inhumane isolation of the Turkish Cypriot people must come to an end, another 53 years of talks wont solve that