Makarios – “The coup of the Greek junta is an invasion”

One day after Makarios’s speech in front of the UN council, Turkey decided enough was enough. On July 20th they invoked their legal right as a guarantor power and intervened on the island. The Cyprus Peace Operation brought an end to the the Cyprus conflict which had been ongoing for 19 years (1955 – 1974)

Unfortunately 200,000 Greek Cypriots and 50,000 Turkish Cypriots were made refugees due to this military intervention. However, without it, the Turkish Cypriots would have been ethnically cleansed and Enosis would have been achieved. Furthermore, over 3000 Greek Cypriots had also been killed by the Greek officers and EOKA-B forces – Turkey saved thousands of Greek Cypriots that were being held hostage and that could have faced the same fate.

The fact that a man such as Makarios, who had oppressed Turkish Cypriots for over 11 years, was saying that the Turks of Cyprus are in danger, was enough to make Turkey act. The events of 1963 could not be repeated.