‘Illegally Occupied’ – debunking the myth about North Cyprus

One of the biggest myths surrounding Cyprus is that the North is simply being occupied by Turkish forces. Not only is this incorrect, but it is extremely insensitive to the Turkish Cypriot people who have suffered so much and continue to suffer to this day. As a community we must not allow for this false propaganda to continue 

This post gives a brief summary of Cyprus history and why the island is divided. It then goes on to show how the TRNC has been a fully independent state since 1983 and how its dependence on Turkey is a direct result of enforced isolation by the oppressive Greek Cypriot administration

For the last 53 years, the Turkish Cypriots have been negotiating federal and unification solutions with no success. The Greek Cypriot administration continues to maintain the status quo and the inhumane isolation of the Turkish Cypriot people. Enough is enough, for too long the people of the TRNC have suffered. They are done being the victims of Greek Cypriot intransigence. A two-state solution based on the same sovereign equality granted in 1960 should be the only way forward if there is to be a peaceful long-term settlement on the island