Fascism on the rise in South Cyprus

FASCISM ON THE RISE IN SOUTH CYPRUS‼️ ELAM’s major success in the most recent parliamentary elections is proof of fascism rising in South Cyprus

ELAM is a neo-Nazi group that believe in ultranationalism. They have strong ties to Greece’s Nazi group, Golden Dawn, and advocate Enosis and Hellenism. They are effectively a modern-day EOKA and believe Turkish Cypriots don’t even deserve minority rights on the island

Please read Tatar’s statement at the end of this post. He quite rightly points out that the most worrying aspect of ELAM’s success is the amount of young people that voted for them. This shows a historic issue amongst the Greek Cypriot community – students are continuously taught in schools and by the church to hate Turks and Turkish Cypriots. They are brainwashed to think Cyprus is a Greek island only 

ELAM’s victory, alongside the loss of votes for AKEL, is another example of why federalism is now dead. The people no longer believe that an equal BBF solution is attainable. We saw this with Tatar’s appointment as President and now we see it in these Greek Cypriot elections Do the Turkish Cypriot people want to unite when there are fascists in parliament? The same fascists that regard them as sub-human. 53 years of failed negotiations and the divide between the so-called ‘Republic of Cyprus’ and TRNC is becoming larger and larger