Do the Greek Cypriots want a unified Cyprus?

Out of the 17 series of talks that have taken place to try and solve the Cyprus problem, 15 have been rejected by Greek Cypriot leadership or the Greek Cypriot people.

Although we cannot speak for every Greek Cypriot, it is clear that the Greek Cypriot administration alongside the majority of the Greek Cypriot community, do not want unification. We are of course aware of the Greek Cypriot (& Turkish Cypriot) reunification groups that advocate peace and unity, however, they unfortunately do not represent the majority of their community. 

58 years since being removed from the Republic of Cyprus. 53 years of failed negotiations. 38 years of international exclusion. Is it time for the Turkish Cypriots to take a new path? Is it not time for some of us within the Turkish Cypriot community to realise that we will never be seen as equals within our own homeland…