British Turkish Cypriot Association

The British Turkish Cypriot Association (“BTCA”) was established on 10th July 2013 in order to galvanize the general consensus of the Turkish Cypriot People in the TRNC and Worldwide. It is not a political party platform but its principal goals are supported by individuals & non-government groups in order to appeal to the general public for the ultimate purpose of garnering the general public’s support on issues relating to the future of the Turkish Cypriot People.

The main objective of BTCA is to coordinate the activities of Turkish Cypriot associations and individual members of the Turkish Cypriot Community for the purpose of presenting a more balanced view of TRNC and of the Turkish Cypriot people, emphasizing the importance of enhanced understanding between the Turkish Cypriots and the international community.

BTCA aims to outline a common set of values, political priorities and positions with regard to the Cyprus problem and in doing so create an alliance of common understanding and national interest.

BTCA articulates a common vision and agenda but also a resource to voice opinion for the Turkish Cypriot People on an international level.